Ways to motivate your team right now

If you really want to motivate your team take the time to get to know them. Each of your team will be motivated by different things. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Build trust

Trust is such an important part of motivating team members. I am often asked what is the right way to build trust. A good place to start is to do what you say you are going to do. In other words if you promise or commit to an action then follow it through. It shows your team that you are true to your word and you care enough about yourself and them to actually deliver.

Involve your team in big decisions

Look for ways to bring your team into the decision making process. The benefits of doing this are wide reaching.

First, they have ideas and experience and often they are closer to your clients or customers so they really do have value to add.

Next, they are more than likely going to have to deliver the outcome of the big decisions you make. Therefore, if they are involved from the start they are more likely to be committed and motivated to deliver as they have some skin in the game.

And finally, by bringing then into strategy and senior meetings they are getting a look at what it might be like to be you and how things look at more senior levels of the organisation. This can be a wonderful motivation for your staff to push themselves further in terms of achieving and seeking more responsibility.

Create happiness

At the heart of it your team won’t be motivated if they’re not happy. There are some common and shared aspects of the work place that will create happiness such as being paid on time and correctly, safe and supportive work environments, security and opportunities for advancement. But, to be fair these are standard things one would expect in the workplace. What I am talking about here is the opportunity to really understand what makes your team happy. Take the time to really get to know your team and what makes them happy. You may be surprised that it’s often the little things you can do for them that create happiness.

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