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If you want the best people working for your business then you need to make sure you are presenting your business in the best possible way to attract the talent you want. Here we look at how you can use job descriptions to make sure the best people will respond to your recruiting activities.

Take the time to do this properly. It is often one of the first things a candidate will see. How often have you read a job description, then sat in an interview and discovered that the actual role doesn’t reflect the way it was described. Just for fun, dig out your current job description, does it match or even closely resemble your current role.

A job description is a snapshot of what a candidate can expect if they were to work in your business. They will spend less than a minute looking at yours and quickly decide whether to invest more time and look further or move to another job advert.

There are a number of things you should focus on when building a job description.

Job Title

The job title needs to accurately reflect the role. It should allow the candidate to compare the role across the industry. Try not to overplay or underplay the role with the job title you choose. Make sure it is clear enough that it will appear in a job search.


Include a clear description of the responsibilities of the role. What is it you want them to deliver. Try to be succinct and to the point. This will be one of the first areas a candidate will look.


Who will they be working with. How does this role fit within the overall business. Who will they report to. What does their team look like.


How are you going to support them. What are the resources available for them to ensure they can deliver the outcome you want. How does this role progress overtime. What are the opportunities for someone in this role. Paint a picture of opportunity beyond the role you are describing.

Focus more on Competencies than Skills

Sure, skills are important and you need to outline the ones you require for the role. However, focus more on the competencies as these are things a candidate will have developed over a long period of time. They tend to be ingrained and often stay with someone over a long period of time.

Your Employer Brand

Now look at including something about your employer brand. The best candidates want to work for businesses that reflect their own values. Make sure you describe and showcase your employer brand. What does your brand stand for. Why do others love working there. How does your brand work within the community it operates in.

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