Psychometric Testing

Psychometric tests are used to measure your mental capabilities and behavioural style. They are used to help assess your suitability for a role. In most cases you would have already been through one or possible two interviews which are often subjective and the hiring team has already formed an opinion as to your suitability for the role. Psychometric testing which is often used to confirm their opinion or assessment of you. Here are some things you can do to prepare for these tests.

  1. Read the instructions carefully, particularly how much time you have as this will determine how much time you can allocate to each question.
  2. Don’t get bogged down on a question, if you get stuck move on.
  3. Make sure your website browsers are up to date so that when you sit the test you don’t have any internet issues.
  4. Ask the interviewer what types of tests you will be sitting.
  5. If you are offered practice tests by the interviewer, make sure you take them.
  6. Make sure you have the right tools around you, like a calculator and a watch.
  7. Focus your practice on your weakest areas.
  8. Don’t guess wildly as you are assessed based on a combination of speed and accuracy.
  9. Get used to being tested under time conditions.
  10. Practice these tests online.

To get you started try practicing some of these tests If you would like to know more about how to prepare for psychometric testing then please contact me

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