Job Seekers

If you’re looking for your next role make sure you’re ‘job ready’. We have a number of services that can make sure you’re found and ready for interview and ultimately giving you the best chance of securing the right role for you.

Job Seekers Found and Ready Program

Make sure you’re found and ready for interview. We know that recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn extensively when searching for and assessing candidates. Our program includes;

•    LinkedIn Profile
•    Twitter Profile
•    CV
•    Profile Image
•    Coaching on how to connect on LinkedIn and Twitter
•    Coaching on how to share content
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Success at Interview Program

The interview process can be daunting. This is compounded if it has been sometime since you have been interviewed. We understand the interview process both from the recruiting and hiring manager perspective. It is our experience both as business leaders and recruiters that allows us to help you to secure that position with our How to Win at Interview Program.
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Access to Companies Program

You can access the companies that you want to work for. We provide an opportunity for you to actually approach the companies that you would like to work for and create a situation where they may invite you to come and meet them rather than just waiting for opportunities to appear.
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We also encourage you to follow our company page on Linked In to keep up to date with job seeker news.