How to prepare for a job interview

It’s so important to make sure you prepare well for an interview. To help you here are 5 things you can do that will put you in the best shape you can be for the interview. Read the job description Often the job description is supplied and if not then ask for it to be[…]

Questions I should ask at an interview

When you’re preparing for an interview you will spend a lot of time thinking about the questions you will be asked, however, it’s just as important to prepare the questions you need to ask the interviewer. Here are some of the questions you should be asking at the first and second interviews. At the first[…]

Psychometric Testing

Psychometric tests are used to measure your mental capabilities and behavioural style. They are used to help assess your suitability for a role. In most cases you would have already been through one or possible two interviews which are often subjective and the hiring team has already formed an opinion as to your suitability for[…]