Work life balance to retain talent


The idea of creating a flexible work environment still scares some leaders. However, the benefits if done well can be quite impressive in terms of performance and retention of employees.

If you take a flexible approach to the way your employees work you have a better chance of retaining them. The reason is simple, you are giving them the chance to do great work, but in a way that fits with their lifestyle.

It is important to understand that being able to access email and work files isn’t really creating a flexible work environment. To create a productive flexible work environment it is more about talking with employees about where and when they feel most productive.

It might be good to move a bit further from the idea of work life balance and look at the idea of work life integration or blend. This is because a work life balance suggests that these are opposites. Where in fact, work, leisure, parenting, fitness and friends to name a few are all important.

If we can create work environments that help employees blend all the things that are important to them. We will have a greater chance of retaining them.

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