Alignment of values to retain talent


High performing employees are likely to choose companies that share the same values as they do. We know that a growing number of employees will actually not work for a business because of its values and behaviours.

We also know that when decision makers are driving towards business goals and targets they often use their personal values to help shape their decisions.

It should be of no surprise that high performing people are likely to have a set of values that guide their decision making and behaviour. If you’re not across this you may be missing out on genuine high performers.

So where do you start

The starting point is the top. Leaders within the business must define not only the values of the business but their own values as well. And, to be honest it is hard to have a true business culture if you don’t have an alignment between business and personal values.

Let people know your values

It is important to be communicating these values everyday. Make sure they are part of your overall communication strategy. Most importantly, make sure that these values are used to help shape the behaviours that your employees display. Help your employees interpret these values into behaviours that they feel comfortable owning.

Walk the talk

Leaders within your business need to model these behaviours each and every day. I am always surprised, and happily so, that it can be some of the smallest things you do as a leader that will be copied and modeled by those around you.

Check in often

It is important as a leadership team to check in often and make sure that your behaviours are on track. Over time behaviours can slip or you might feel that some of the behaviours aren’t appropriate anymore and can be replaced by ones that better match the values.

Now recruit

Once you are very clear with the alignment between business values and personal values you can now confidently recruit around those aligned values.

Why this works

High performing talent is actually looking for businesses that share the same values as they do. They are going to respond positively to your recruitment campaigns and in fact will search and reach out to you even when you’re not recruiting.

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