How to find great talent for your business

When I talk to business owners one of the topics that comes up often is the importance of finding and keeping talented people. People that can bring new skills, help facilitate and drive change and ultimately really want to be part of their growth and success.

What surprises me is the answer to my next question. “How much time do you commit to finding talent and are you prepared to change the way you look for talent”?

Most businesses I talk to don’t take the time needed to find talent and more concerning is they often stick to historic recruitment practices that are embedded and comfortable.

We have talked before about How to find and hire great employees when we looked at the seven categories that Alan Hall shared with us, competent, capable, compatible, commitment, character, culture and compensation.

This time we look at 4 steps to finding the best talent for your business by Deanna Cioppa where Deanna focuses on building, borrowing and buying talent. Deanna also places a lot of importance on creating a work culture that values talent from varying backgrounds and believes this is crucial to building a great team. Rather than being bound by a homogeneous hiring profile, she suggests that hiring managers evaluate business needs like skill sets and talent gaps, and adjust their searches accordingly. Hiring for specific needs rather than a static hiring profile will create a more diverse, more productive and more talented workforce.

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