Hiring for Cultural Fit

What is cultural fit? It’s the shared attitudes, beliefs and values of employees within an organisation. It is also, the one believing thing that needs to be nurtured and is the glue that holds everything together. Hiring managers consider cultural fit to be an important component of the hiring process. You can have an outstanding candidate ‘on paper’ with an array of work experience and qualifications and glowing references, but if they’re not a cultural fit, they just might not get the job. So why should employers care about cultural fit?

Happy Harmonious Teams

Positive, productive teamwork isn’t going to occur if a person doesn’t get along with everyone else. Of course, people have different likes, dislikes and personalities especially within a team dynamic where some clashes will occur, but if they don’t fit in with the team culture and spirit it is an uphill battle. If your team fits in with the culture, happy harmonious teams can occur

Top Shelf Performance

Mismatched values between an employee and the organisation won’t work. If a company’s culture goes against something a person believes in, why would they want to perform the role well? Why would they stick around and grow with the business. I’m pretty sure they won’t. Think of a sales team, if going above and beyond for clients is your business motto, having an employee who doesn’t buy in to that just won’t work out.

Employee Growth and Retention

If you have a great performing, harmonious team where the employee enjoys their job and shares the values of the business they are more likely to stay put. Staff retention is a definite positive for hiring for cultural fit in an organisation.

Employer of Choice

A satisfied employee will spread the word about how the company and team is a great place to work. To be considered by future employees to be a place to work is the pinnacle of workplace culture.

Hiring for cultural fit is not only highly important, but perhaps can be considered essential. You don’t achieve results with a negative workplace environment, so if you want to be an employer of choice with harmonious teams, with employees who stick around and excel know your company values and keep them close when interviewing your next potential candidate.

We can help you tailor questions to target cultural fit and assist with your recruitment process end to end.

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