Great recruiters always ask these two questions

Greg Savage in his article Great recruiters always ask these two questions, always states that a job does not start with finding good candidates for a particular job. It starts with the quality with which you take the job brief in the first place. It does not matter if you take the brief face to face and you should, if at all possible, or over the phone. Filling the order starts with how well you qualify that order.

Here is the first question to ask, ‘How long have you been trying to fill this particular role and what steps have you taken so far to fill the position?’

And second, ‘If I found the perfect candidate this afternoon, could we get an offer by tomorrow morning?’

Yes they will provoke more questions and more answers, but once it’s been worked through you will know whether this job is real, whether this client is able to hire and committed to hire, and you will know the urgency of the need.

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