5 ways to motivate your team

We are always interested in new ways to motivate sales teams. Here are 5 worth having a look at.

Create purpose

Take the time to paint a picture of your business, why does it exist, what purpose does it serve. Then, most importantly show how your employee fits into that picture. Help them understand how the work they do is important for the overall success of the business.

Be transparent

We often here people say they are transparent. However, you can’t do this by halves. Being transparent means you share the good and bad news. The irony is that your team will almost always know what is going on or parts of it at least. It makes good sense for you to be delivering the news. If you include your team in the big decisions then they are going to feel involved and at the end of the day far more committed to the outcome.

Get to know your team

Make an effort to really know those in your team. Your team consists of individuals and each individual responds differently to the way you do things. Your employees will appreciate the fact that you are getting to know them and from an output point of view you are probably going to get a better result commercially. So everyone wins.

Embrace a true work life balance

If you want to get the most from your employees then work with them in terms of the balance they need in their lives to be really productive. If you take this approach you will have more engaged staff and they will appreciate you working with them on balance. Measure each person on their results rather than how long they spend at work or where they work from.

Encourage them to lead

Look for opportunities to share the leadership. Break down complex task that you would normally lead and allow members within your team to own parts of it. Another way is allow each member of your team to lead the monthly meeting. Let them coordinate the agenda and run the meeting. Sure, you’ll still get an opportunity to cover the things you need to but the benefits in terms of commitment and energy will be a nice surprise.

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