5 things you can do to attract IT Talent

IT Recruitment

In order to attract great IT or Technology Talent to your business, you need to be able to offer a work environment that a high performer can see themselves enjoying. Here are 5 ways to help you to attract great IT talent to your business.

Invest in technology

Make sure they have the leading edge tools that make their IT jobs easier. The right phone, laptop, printers, software and market information. If you invest in this area you are signalling to your employees that you care about them and want to help them achieve their goals with the right tools.

Allow people to work from home

Allow your employees to choose a balance between working from home and in the office. You may also want to look at other places for employees to work such as in the office of key clients if that promotes stronger relationships and outcomes. Flexibility works well for IT staff as they are all about technology and understand with that comes flexibility and mobility.

Be flexible with work hours

Focus on goals rather than facetime. Give them the flexibility to choose how they structure their day and their week. They will be more engaged and productive.

More holiday time

This is an interesting one and one we see being implemented by clever businesses. Give your high performing staff the option of more holidays and the flexibility of when to take them. Sounds scary? Well, remember if you can give them more flexibility and give them the responsibility to achieve then you may just end up with a more responsible, engaged employee who appreciates and values the trust you place in them.

Build a mentoring program

We know that high performers value being mentored. These are not difficult programs to create and can be implemented quite quickly. The benefits are quite impressive. The mentee has access to experience and learns things that would otherwise take years to learn. The Mentor also benefits from being connected to a new generation and the feeling of being able to impart knowledge and experience.

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