5 characteristics that great salespeople have

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We are often asked what is it about great salespeople. What do they have that others don’t. In our experience here are 5 things I think they have in abundance.

Relationship builders

They are looking beyond the transaction and are trying to build a long term relationship. We know the first order can take time and effort. However, if they are building a relationship then they are looking at repeat orders, upsell, cross sell and referrals to new clients.

They listen

This is such an important characteristic. Their ability to listen means they have a much better chance at actually understanding what the clients needs and therefore are in a better position to win the client and deliver superior solutions.

Look for opportunities

Average salespeople accept rejection or having the door closed on a deal. The great salespeople are constantly looking for opportunities, they are asking why, they are asking if we really understand the client, the problem they have. Having this approach means opportunities will surface for them. Others call it luck but I think it’s more to do with their ability to look beyond failure.

They don’t make excuses

The reality is salespeople can always find a reason why they couldn’t close the deal. Interest rates, consumer confidence, an election, it’s too hot, it’s too cold and it’s too close to the holidays.

Great salespeople know there will always be hurdles. They focus on finding ways to overcome these or find ways to remove them from the sales process.

Invest in networks

Great salespeople don’t wait for potential clients to come to them. They take the time to understand where their clients are, what they do. They understand that they need to invest time and energy in their network. They know they need to give to their network before and from this activity opportunities will open up.

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