Work-life balance is over create a work-life flow

I would like to share an article work-life balance is over create a work-life flow by Lawton Ursrey on Forbes. In this article Lawton suggests work-life balance implies that if you spend a set amount of time on your work, you’ll have to spend that same amount of time on whatever else makes up your life, personal time, physical fitness, family, parenthood, hobbies. Basically, everything that is important to you work and the rest of your life is split between two opposite ends of the spectrum. They’re either/or. But for most entrepreneurs, work isn’t just work. It’s passion. It’s purpose. It’s a dream realized. It’s an important part of their daily life. That’s why work-life balance is a bad idea and work-life effectiveness should be the goal. I encourage you to read the article in full it’s a great read.

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