Why do great brands sometimes struggle with recruiting?

Often the best companies struggle to maintain good recruiting practices. Why, simply because they are growing so fast that they start to take short cuts and often believe their brand will get them through.

A great example of this can be found in the Forbes article Tired of recruiting’s broken image Airbnb rewrites the playbook.

The article points out that when Airbnb went from 50 employees to 500 job interviews weren’t happening the way they should, candidates were left wondering for weeks on what was happening. Most importantly only 50% to 60% were actually accepting a role when it was offered.

What they did was to go back to the old fashioned virtues of timeliness, clarity and courtesy.

Another problem of not structuring the recruitment process and allowing the process to take to long is that it often candidates can receive another offer, or receive a counter offer from their current employer as it becomes obvious to their current employer that they are looking for a new role.

Ken Sundheim writes about this in his article 7 deadly sins of recruiting in Forbes.

It makes sense, candidates are attracted to great companies with great brands. It then follows that high quality candidates will be attracted to these companies. If their experience during the recruitment process doesn’t meet their expectations set by the brand and the reputation of the company they are likely to look elsewhere or worse start their new roles disillusioned and disengaged.

There is real merit in building a solid recruitment process that treats candidates in a way that matches the very values and behaviours you built your business on.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about structuring effective recruitment processes please contact me paul@paulgreening.com

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