What will you need to focus on as the competition for talent increases?

The competition for talent, especially for senior roles with specific skill sets will continue to be a focus for business leaders. Here we look at 3 areas that will become more important as this competition increases.


The demand for senior candidates with specific skills sets means the relationship you have with your recruiter is going to become more important. If you are using an agency you will be best served by building a relationship with a senior recruiter or team over the long term, rather than using multiple agencies and teams.

The benefit of this approach is two fold. First, it will allow your recruiter to have enough time to really understand you and your business and move beyond a transactional relation to one where they can add real value to your business.

And next, it will help you build economies over time in terms of costs and knowledge sharing. Which are both important business considerations.

Market Credibility

One area that continues to receive attention is our tolerance for risk. Or, to be more precise the continuing focus on looking to reduce risk. This focus means organisations are now looking for recruiters with ‘market credibility’.

‘Market credibility’ is more about showing evidence of what you say you can do, rather than just the promise. Look for a recruiter who can show similar placements within like industries.

Industry Knowledge

As the competition for talent increases one factor that becomes more important is ‘industry knowledge’. This is the ability to really understand the factors that underpin your industry and include the people, the technology, the regulations, the culture and the trends and changes.

Those organisations that understand their industry better than their competition will be better positioned for success. It is therefore advantageous to select a recruiter that has industry knowledge gained from both experience in recruiting within your industry and has actually worked in your industry in senior positions.

The competition for talent will continue to be competitive, if you have any questions or would like to know more please contact me paul@paulgreening.com

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