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There are many theories and beliefs regarding how to make recruiting effective and we have talked before about some of these in our article 3 ways to really understand your candidate in an interview.

This time we look at 3 things companies get wrong when recruiting.

Automated recruiting systems

Automated recruiting systems look like a good idea. Sure, they save time and look like they create efficiency. It’s not until you really look at the output of these systems that you realise you often miss out on the good candidates. This is because these systems work on ‘rewarding’ the use of certain ‘keywords’. The shortcomings of these systems become compounded when the job description is inaccurate or doesn’t focus on the core of the role.

Inaccurate job descriptions

This is arguably one of the most common areas of weakness when recruiting. There are a number factors that contribute to this;
• Not truly understanding the role you are recruiting for.
• Changing the essence of the role part way through the recruiting process.
• Making the job description too generic.
• And even using an old job description

Not matching financial rewards to the role

We know, and we have talked about this often, that money is not the key reason people move to new organisations. However, it is one of the factors you need to get right, a hygiene factor if you like. Or look at it this way, money is not the key reason people change role but they will quickly look for the next opportunity if you are not at least matching the market.

High performers know what they are worth, so meet this expectation and then focus on selling the other benefits of the role and organisation.

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