Key Elements for Finding the Right Candidate

The labour market today is filled with talented and skilled individuals looking for new opportunities. While your company can surely find a handful of candidates, they may not be the right bunch of people for the position or a good fit for your company culture. Sometimes, it takes a little more than education and experience to find the perfect person. This is where Paul Greening and Associates come in.

Looking for the right executives boils down to three factors, namely, Candidate, Company, and Connection. These three form a holistic foundation of a good candidate. It is important that you base your hiring strategies on these concepts. Take these things into account when you search for the executive you need in your company.


A candidate for an executive position should not be limited to the regular standards. It’s not enough that they have the experience and know-how in your field of business. There are hundreds of other people who can do the same things that one candidate can do, if not better. In the executive world, expertise is a huge requirement but the candidate must also exhibit adaptability and eagerness to learn, something that cannot be achieved through education alone.


For your company to have a quality workforce, you should streamline your hiring and operating methods. For instance, hiring skilled yet uninterested executives can spell disaster for the whole department and effect your organisation. Analyse what your company needs and concentrate on those areas. Better yet, consult us on how to improve your search for the right candidate. We specialise in targeted search strategies using your search requirements.


We believe in building long-term, fruitful relationships. After all, hiring experienced executives who jump ship after a few months has a detrimental effect on the business, not to mention increased costs. It pays to look for someone who has the intuition, skills, and commitment to drive the company and realise the vision of your business. You need someone who can hit the ground running and adapt to the ever-changing nature of your industry.

These philosophies are the basis for every search I undertake. Scouring through piles of CV’s is a taxing and needless thing to do. But with my help you can find the perfect match for your business.

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