Do you really have a talent shortage?

We talk to many hiring managers and often they will share with us their frustration at not being able to find the right talent. They almost seem resigned to the fact that they can’t or will not find the right candidate.

In truth, there will always be a talent shortage, the reason is simple talented people know they are talented. They have worked hard, acquired experience and above all they can deliver real value in their roles. Organisations are always going to compete for these individuals.

So lets look at a few ways you can ensure that you have a better than average chance of securing real talent.

Do you really have a talent shortage

Know your market

Make sure you know your market. Who do you compete with? Who is doing well? Who works in similar or like industries? Are they happy? Are they looking to move?

What would it take for them to move? Interestingly it is often more than just money alone.

It is important that you keep up to date with this process. It is not one you can start once you decide to recruit.

Get the Job Brief right

It is so important to make sure you create the right job brief. So often line managers create an unrealistic list of wants that is not matched by the remuneration and benefits being offered. To get this right make sure you are focusing on the most important requirements for that particular role and match the remuneration and benefits accordingly.

Set a time limit on recruiting

One of the real myths in recruiting is ‘lets just take our time and find the right candidate’. The reality is if you take more than a 3 months for a senior role you will in fact miss out on the right candidate. They have gone elsewhere. Has this happened to you? How did you feel when you realised you missed out on te right candidate because you took to long. Its heartbreaking, as you know you almost have to start again.

Set a time limit on recruiting. This will force you to move fast, stay focused and find the right candidate.

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