5 tips for selecting a recruiter

Selecting a recruiter is an important part of your overall recruitment strategy and should be approached with the same rigour and detail that you would use when selecting a candidate.

Here are 5 tips to help you make the right selection.

1/ Look for relevant experience?

Look for a recruiter that has experience in the area you are recruiting for. Not only in terms of experience in recruiting for that position but have they actually worked in a line management position within that industry. This will give you someone who actually understands the role to a greater depth than someone who has simply recruited for the role in the past.

2/ Go beyond their database and ask about their network

Look beyond their database and ask them to describe their network. How many networks do they have? Describe how they work? How often do they meet with their network? How many roles they fill from their network?

Drill down to specifics such as their LinkedIn profile. How many connections do they have? Where does their profile rank in terms of profile view not only within their network but the network of like professionals. They should be able to answer this question quickly if they are actively using LinkedIn.

3/ Are they nibble or inflexible?

Search for a recruiter who can quickly fit in with ‘your way of doing things’. One who is experienced enough to know how businesses work and the fact that each business is unique in terms of culture and processes. You should be looking for a recruiter that makes your role easier.

4/ Be clear and specific in terms of what you want

In the same way you would create a job description when looking for a candidate take the same approach when looking for a recruiter. Document and share with them exactly what you are looking for and how success will be measured. This give you a much greater chance of finding a ‘good fit’ between a recruiter and your business.

5/ Do they have runs on the board?

Lets face it, most people are very good at telling you what they can do but what have they done in the past. Ask them to share with you their last 5 placements. What was the position? Who was the company or industry? How long did each placement take? Was the placement to budget or did it run over budget and why? Is the candidate still in the role? Again, the recruiter should be able to answer this question quickly. If they can’t you know they are not staying close to their current clients. Their relationship may be transactional rather than relational.

Choosing the right recruiter for you goes a long way toward ensuring the right recruiting outcomes. If you have any questions or would like more information please contact me paul@paulgreening.com

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