Three places to look for great salespeople

Sometimes the best way to find great salespeople can be surprisingly simple, go out and find them. This will make sense when we look at how most candidates are found. The business or recruitment firm places a job advert through Seek or LinkedIn and the recruitment firm may look through their database for people they[…]

How to Find Great Salespeople

I talk to many businesses and one of the themes that continues to come up is a perceived talent shortage when it comes to exceptional sales people. They almost seem resigned to the fact that they can’t or will not find the right candidate. In truth, there will always be a talent shortage, the reason[…]

Are recruiters delivering quality hires?

For a recruiter their single biggest goal or the reason they exist is to consistently deliver quality hires. However, this doesn’t always happen and many of the business leaders we talk to believe that recruiters aren’t delivering the right talent for their businesses. Last year Sue Marks from the Harvard Business Review wrote an article[…]

How to identify leadership when recruiting

We are often asked how do you identify leadership potential when recruiting. We have put together 5 key indicators that we find quickly and easily identifies potential leadership. They have done their homework Those with leadership potential have prepared well for the interview. They have researched your business and in many cases the key individuals[…]