How can I make sure I get the best candidate when recruiting?

‘Hire in haste and repent at leisure’ is an adage that should serve as a reminder to every organisation looking to recruit new talent. If you use inaccurate hiring processes to service your immediate requirement, you might trigger a series of negative consequences that will result in poor employee and manager performance in the long[…]

How to identify leadership when recruiting

We are often asked how do you identify leadership potential when recruiting. We have put together 5 key indicators that we find quickly and easily identifies potential leadership. They have done their homework Those with leadership potential have prepared well for the interview. They have researched your business and in many cases the key individuals[…]

What will you need to focus on as the competition for talent increases?

The competition for talent, especially for senior roles with specific skill sets will continue to be a focus for business leaders. Here we look at 3 areas that will become more important as this competition increases. Relationships The demand for senior candidates with specific skills sets means the relationship you have with your recruiter is[…]