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Paul Greening & Associates finds the best candidates for your organisation who will both deliver results and who are a good fit culturally. It’s not just about having the right skill set or years of experience; we find you the best candidates to fill in critical roles in your company. We do this at highly competitive rates whilst offering the longest guarantees in the industry to give our clients peace of mind.

We have established a reputation as a high quality, customer focused consultancy. For many of our clients we have become an integral part of their business being regarded as a  “Trusted Advisor”. Initially  we were focused as head-hunters in Sydney and Melbourne, however we now complete assignments throughout Australia and Asia. We are dedicated to identifying unique talents among a pool of skilled and experienced individuals in Australia and from abroad. Our experience in executive recruitment has gained PGA a respectable reputation in successfully helping companies hire the perfect match for their needs.

We apply our very own 3C philosophy in our recruitment methods:

  • Company
  • Candidate
  • Connection

It is always our goal to satisfy these three spheres when looking for candidates. We take into account character, cultural fit and desire for success when preparing the shortlisted candidates that we will present .

Some of our recent assignments have included  General and Executive Management, Sales and Marketing Managers, Sales Executives, Business Development and Account Managers, Regional Managers, Vice-Presidents, and professional service consultants. With our extensive experience in executive, marketing, IT and sales recruitment, we guarantee we will deliver the best talent and we support this statement by delivering the longest guarantees in the industry.

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